Carded Cotton Yarn

Ring carded cotton yarns, combed cotton yarn less than the production of cotton fiber produced by the scanning process yet cotton yarn. carded yarn, combed ring-spun yarns lower than the quality. These yarns have a rough surface and uneven. Twisting of the yarns for knitting, weaving and knitting industry it is low, is higher than for weaving. Carded ring-spun yarns strength, lower than combing ring yarn, open-end yarn is higher than. Thicker yarn (yarn number, the smaller the) price falls and the thread will have a rough structure.

Generally, Ne 6 to Ne 30, the number of production is done. Carded yarns, fabrics, made in terms of smoothness, cotton yarn fabrics, made worse. Feeding with a weak fabric structure. Loose, rough and hairy to form a fabric. Carded yarns, combed cotton yarns products carded by the amount of finished products contain foreign matter and less clean than matte look. Carded ring-spun yarns, denim (blue jeans), cord, towels, sports clothing fabrics, linens, upholstery fabrics, home textiles and technical fabrics, fabrics such as touching used. Carded, combed ring-spun yarns briefly weaving yarns made out of cotton fabrics used on a mandatory basis is used for all cotton fabrics.