Combed Cotton Yarn

Long and thin fibers combed cotton office (scan) through a short-quality cotton yarn of staple strand eğrilmesiyle. Combing room, strip consists of combining and combing machines. Combed yarn so machinery required to produce a long and expensive. Materials processed more energy expenditure. This is a high quality and more expensive, cotton yarn widely used forms. Diagram of short staple fibers developed for purifying. What a fine of up to 80 fibers can be produced. The smooth, frugal. Carded yarn than the clean and homogeneous. More strength, less unevenness.

Fabrics made from combed cotton yarns, carded yarns of the fabric and quality than the best. Carded yarns, combed yarns, fabrics, made can not be done. The most important feature is that the water-absorbent. This increases the ability to be used. There is no problem of static electricity and peeling. Knitting, knitwear, knitted fabrics used in each cultivar. Combed yarns are obtained from the uses of a wide variety of fabrics. Women's, men's and children's clothing products gkıyafetlerinde interior and exterior (summer and winter), home textiles, upholstery, drapery upholsteries used products.