Polyester Yarn

Made of polyester synthetic fiber (fully synthetic) is a type of yarn. The polyester staple fiber yarns or as a petroleum derivative spunbond filaments can be produced. Filament yarn, smooth, slippery surface. Round in cross-section. High strength. Close to the form of staple strength filament form. Featuring high stretch polyester fibers absorb moisture lowest. Melting point 260 ° C.. It is very useful thermo good. So it is very easy to texture. Tekstüresiz polyester fabrics can be used as textural or synthetic textile yarns have an important place. Polyester yarns are woven and knitted fabrics for use in the manufacture of a wide range.

It is durable and has the ability to stretch, has a low moisture absorption. Low moisture absorption creates a problem because of the static electricity and peeling. Polyester yarn fabrics obtained they are used for a broad range of positive features. In general, all kinds of men's and women's clothing, home textiles (curtains, fabrics and so on.) And industrial areas (tents, tarpaulins, sails, etc..) Are used as technical textiles.e clothing. Widespread use, especially in making stylish and draped fancy clothes. Also used as a primer's clothes.