Viscose Yarn

Regenerated cellulose fibers and filament yarns obtained even though the flush (rayon) staple fiber form, also called viscose yarns yarns obtained. Filament yarn (floss) looks, features such as touch and shine like silk, soft and flowing, and static electricity and do not create problems in terms of peeling. Stapel the fibers into yarn (viscose) draws moisture to cotton is largely similar characteristics. Its strength is less than filament yarn. Other than that, especially the various finishing processes similar features can be improved further.

Flush-viscose filament or staple yarns, woven and knitted fabrics form a very wide use. Thin draping and fancy fabrics can be obtained, yarn exhibit many of the properties in the same way. The dye printing processes such as viscose fabrics suitable. Viscose (flush) fabrics are widely used. Mainly used in home textiles and industrial areas, including ready-made clothing. Widespread use, especially in making stylish and draped fancy clothes. Also used as a primer's clothes.